The shocking truth about mosques in America!


There are many mosques in America, the Arabs who freely talk about their hatred for the Jewish People. The Arab people who have spoken out against the Jews and the State of Israel from the day it was created.

The Arab people, a nation who have never been friendly towards the Jews or Israel. The Imams, who are the head of the mosques are making their way from the middle east, into Europe and into America. Where they are preaching to not only hate the Jews because they run the economy and the media and other businesses but the Arabs should be going out to hurt them and kill them.

This all originated from mosques in Gaza, Turkey, Iran and other Arab countries in the middle east. They would preach hatred for Israel and the Jews. Israel is a country surrounded by Arab countries, from when Israel was declared a State, its neighbors have been its enemies. From then, to this present day Israels neighbors are preaching hatred towards the Jews.