Hollywood – the “H” stands for “Hypocrites”

Meryl Streep Slams Donald Trump in Golden Globes 2017 Speech

Streep was in fact a big Hillary Clinton supporter during the election, as well as a supporter of Barack Obama. Along with numerous other celebrities, including Oprah Winfrey and Steven Spielberg, she also attended the Obama family’s final White House party on January 6.

Trumps reaction about Streep: “She is one of the most overvalued actresses of Hollywood. She don’t know me, but attack me anyway”

Streep’s verbal outburst against Trump is based on completely false information, which is widespread published on ‘politically correct manner’ by the mainstream (Fake)-news media. Trump has never said that ALL foreigners from the US should be deported. He just wants a temporary immigration ban for Muslims, because of the threat of the Islamic terrorism!

And we in Europe can certainly understand this, because we have made the biggest mistake to import extremists (so-called refugees), massively. And as a result of this we have faced many deadly attacks!
So, gullible Americans, be proud to get a smart right-thinking president, who protects his own people!

I have a good advice for Streep: here we have a saying: “Cobbler, stick to your last.” This means: do’nt interfere in business (politics), if you know nothing about it”

How on earth can we take these ridiculous farces in the USA seriously?