Muslims Allowed To Rape Children For 6 Months Because Of Officers’ 7 Words

         De Engelse politie Autoriteiten in Bristol lieten deze Somalische bende hun gang gaan om kinderen te verkrachten omdat zij niet islamofobisch wilden zijn en de slachtoffers beschuldigden dit zelf uit te lokken!
Ik zou zowel de verkrachters als de politie agenten laten castreren! Probleem opgelost!

A gang of Muslim refugees were caught grooming and gang raping little girls in what quickly became a horrific sex ring run by Somali pedophiles. However, thanks to just 7 despicable words spoken by bungling police officers, the asylum seekers were allowed to continue gang raping the children for 6 more months.

Although an Islamic sex gang organized by Somali refugees aged between 18 and 23 was uncovered several years ago by authorities in Bristol, England, the crimes were allowed to continue because officers excused the sickening acts by placing the blame on the child victims instead of their Muslim rapists — most likely because they didn’t want to be reprimanded for being “Islamophobic.”

The Sun reports that nine female victims as young as 11 were left to be raped for half a year, passed around by the refugee pimps for “horrific” sex acts before UK authorities finally busted the…

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