Jihad in Europa door immigratie: French Catholic Churches Prepare Against ‘Islamist Attacks’ This Saturday

Franse katholieke kerken bereiden zich deze zaterdag voor op ‘Islamitische aanvallen’
Naar aanleiding van het feest van de Heilige Maagd Maria, zijn katholieke kerken in Frankrijk onder politiebescherming geplaatst en men heeft hen sterk geadviseerd om verhoging van de veiligheid in verband met een mogelijke islamistische terroristische aanval.

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Leading up to the feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Catholic Churches in France have been placed under police protection and have been strongly advised to increase security in fear of a potential Islamist terror attack.

In a joint message to Catholic dioceses Tuesday, France’s Interior Ministry and bishops’ conference warned that “every religious gathering, whatever its magnitude … is vulnerable today to acts of malevolence, which may extend to terrorism.” 

“Observing simple rules may allow you, without excessive distrust, to ensure your security and that of your community, while preserving the calm (and) sharing openness to others, which is needed for maintaining your faith and religious practices,” the message continued.

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