I have often been accused of hating Muslims. I’ve already tried to explain a countless times that this is NOT the case. So I’ll now try to explain it in a different way. A picture can explain it better than a thousand words.


I specificaly call them creatures, because I don’t consider them as human

Once an imam asked me: “How can you judge the muslims if you haven’t studied the Quran?”
My answer was: “I don’t need to, because I have studied the people PRACTICING the Quran! And their motto is also their main goal: “CONVERT TO THE ISLAM OR DIE”

Since 23% of the world’s population are Muslim, this means that 77% of the world’s population has to be converted or killed! So, you have a hell of a job to do!

However I’m convinced that there are many muslims who will never be involved in this kind of barbarism!

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