The nights get colder the days too dark and long.
Betrayed by our leaders, no more goals to stay strong.
No money to spend, no more chance to feel free.
Sold to the barbarians , no more time to be me.

No place to pray, all destroyed by the enemy…
We all will be punished if we try to get free.
Their god has ordered that we turn to their devil.
We are all their slaves and doomed to join their evil.

Our men are murdered, our women abused.
Our children have no future, they are all confused.
The daily violence is standard, there is no more escape.
No human rights, no democracy, just domination and rape.

Nobody protested, no one fought back…
Now it’s too late, there’s no more time to attack.
The rich sold the people to their destroyers again.
The game is over and there is no more where or when…